While reading Death Warmed Over by Lisa Rogak, I ran across mention of a recreation of the funeral feast of the legendary King Midas of Phrygia, based on chemical analysis of the leftovers and residues found in his tomb, where the dirty dishes and remains of the feast were simply left when it was sealed.

I tracked down several articles, the most important and informative being the host museum’s own pages on it, the introduction, and including their own recreated recipes.

This is so very exciting to me. Information on the content of a funeral feast is extremely rare. These things were not generally recorded, other than to say what animal was sacrificed for it. Food is truly one of my great passions in life. To find this was an absolute gift.

One of my goals for the Book is now to develop my own recipe of the lamb and lentil stew, and possibly of the mixed drink. I think a dark beer and a dry mead would mix well together, the way Guinness does with cider (and if you haven’t tried a half-and-half Guinness and cider, sometimes called a Black Velvet, you’re missing out), and a sweet red, like a black muscat. (The Greeks didn’t have white wines, as far as we can tell.) I might even look for something particularly bitter, like a barleywine. Some day I’d like to try brewing myself, and would definitely want to eventually try the King Midas Golden Elixir developed for the recreation feast.

First, though, I have to have the money to procure the ingredients. Lentils may be cheap, but lamb isn’t, and there are a lot of spices, red wine, honey, and more. And brewing equipment is even more expensive. Won’t you please consider donating to my Patreon, to fund my research?


4 thoughts on “Research: The Funeral Feast of Midas

  1. Not sure you’re aware of it but Dogfish Head brewery (out of Delaware) already has a beverage that was developed from the analysis of what was found at Midas’ tomb.

    It’s called, appropriately, Midas Touch Ancient Ale. It’s somewhere between a mead, a beer, and a white wine in flavor…with a bit of saffron. I think it’s very good. I imagine you can order it online or perhaps your local liquor stores that sell craft beers might carry it.


    1. Ha, I was coming here to say the same thing. I love that stuff. It’s widely available in locally owned stores here in Eugene, so I’m guessing it might be available where you are too, Rebecca.

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